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Book Alyssa to Speak at your Event

 To inquire about booking Alyssa for a speaking engagement,

Please send an email to [email protected]

Speech topics include:

You CAN Have It All:  The 4 Essential Rules for Success & Satisfaction:

  • Feeling overwhelmed from trying to get everything done?  Is the most appealing part of your day, falling into bed exhausted?  Alyssa will show you how to break this cycle in 4 easy steps!

Rediscover – Redefine:  Identifying Your Core Priorities for a More Abundant Life:

  • Tired of running the rat race and feeling like you’ll never win?  Alyssa will show you the road map to  easily make a decision about any opportunity that comes your way a breeze!  

Lose the Exhaustion and Step Into a Life that’s Exhilarating!:

  • Breaking Free from the Mindset of Guilt and into a Life that Honors You & Your needs.

Who Am I Now?:

  • Discover Your Unique Purpose for This Chapter in Your Life.

Meaningful Relationships Aren’t Just for Everyone Else:

  • Discover Specific Actions For Genuine Relationships with Your Loved Ones.


StartI have had the blessing of Alyssa Johnson as a speaker and teacher on multiple occasions and she has always connected with her audience purposely and intimately.  She is a gifted and enthusiastic communicator. Start

Paul Smith, Pastoral Care Pastor,

Christ’s Church of Oronogo, MO


StartEven in just the past week, I’ve already used things I learned in your class.  I felt much more confident talking to someone who is struggling with just one class.Start

Lauren LaCorte, Danville, IN


StartAlyssa gave very practical, helpful tips to start taking better care of myself.Start

Jenny Ellegood, MOPS Zionsville, IN


Start I appreciated that you don’t overwhelm me with your training and experience but rather you equipped me with useful knowledge I can apply.   I love that you’re approachable and that you take questions and comments and incorporate them effectively into what you’re teaching. You don’t skip a beat, but just keep on track while helping us understand our responses when we have them during your presentation.Start

Laura Helton, Avon, IN


 StartYour style is great!  Total control of the workshop without being controlling!  I enjoyed the info and the chance to come up with an action plan, but I also enjoyed watching you work.Start

Gina Tollini, Crawfordsville, IN


Alyssa Johnson – Brief Bio

Alyssa is a transformational coach and counselor for exhausted, busy working moms and creator of The Vibrantly Live System™, a proven step by step program that shows women how to cut the chaos out of their schedules so they have the time and energy to focus on what’s truly important to them.

She received her Masters of Social Work degree in 1997 and then completed 2 years post-graduate training in order to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

She began her career as a Child & Adolescent Therapist. But after working with only children and their families for a few years, she quickly saw the importance of working with the marriages as they are the core of any family. This shifted her counseling practice to working more specifically with couples and women.

After many years of noticing that a lot of the women she worked with didn’t require counseling, but were instead looking for direction and skills to help them live a more productive & purposeful life, Alyssa launched her coaching  services created specifically for moms in 2012.

Alyssa is the author of 4 books and has had hundreds of her articles published. She is also the author of a monthly women’s column in the Icon Magazine.

What separates Alyssa’s services from other transformational coaches is that she has over 20 years of experience working with hundreds of these moms.  And as a former exhausted working mom; she knows the struggles and difficulties they experience firsthand!  Because of this, her clients receive proven and extremely specific step by step information on exactly what they need to do to get rid of the chaotic schedule and enjoy their lives and their families more.  

As a result, the ladies who work with her get results!  They’re able to let go of their worries about what others’ think & focus on what truly matters – leaving a legacy they can be proud of for their children.