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What's Truly Important? Follow Your Heart

“For where your treasure is, there your heart0186010001574778208.jpg will be also.”  This verse from Luke 12:34 keeps running through my mind as I think about why certain things have been important to me throughout my life.  This month I want to focus on Part #1 of the Vibrantly Live System – Defining What’s Truly Important & Why.

The “why” was the major emphasis.  We have far too many things going on in our lives that are just rote.  We do them, well…because we’ve done them for a long time.  When I ask people “why” it’s not unusual to get blank stares!  It’s important to keep time spent on activities and relationships in perspective.  Time has an expiration date for all of us.  We don’t like to admit that, but it’s the truth.

Do you want to spend that time on what’s truly important to you and KNOW they matter, or just wake up, and repeat what you did yesterday, just because it’s what you did yesterday?!!!  I’d like to give you a few questions to ask yourself about how you spend your time in order to keep focused on what’s truly important.

Am I making a difference?  As moms, this is an important question for us.  We want to have an impact on the lives we touch.  Look at how you spend your time.  Is it making a difference in people’s lives?  I’m not saying you have to go sell everything and become a missionary in Uganda.  It’s more about mindset than anything else.  Are you looking for opportunities to be a blessing and have an impact?  This can be a smile to a stranger, a thoughtful extra picked up at the grocery store for a child or even just an “I love you “ email sent to your husband.

Am I energized or exhausted?  Those relationships and activities that mean the most to us, energize us.  We know we’re having an impact and we become excited about further opportunities to spend time engaged in them.  Feeling exhausted is a great indicator that you’re not doing enough of what matters to you or spending time with those who matter.  We’ve all known people who “suck” the life out of us!  That’s what I’m talking about.

Am I growing?  There will always be the “have to do’s” and we may not enjoy some of those.  But we know we’re growing when we are able to put those into perspective.  If you’re spending enough time in fulfilling endeavors, then those things we’re less thrilled by aren’t as big a deal!  We also find that we’re able to be more creative about how we do those dreaded tasks to make them more enjoyable.

So, where is your treasure?  What’s truly important to you?  Does that answer coincide with how you spend your time?  Are you actively seeking those activities and relationships?  If not, it’s time to ask yourself “why”?  So, readers…. feel free to comment on these questions below!  I’d love hear what you have to say.

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