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How We Spend Our Time: Look at Your Choices

Each of us is blessed with 24 hours in every single day.  With that blessing come many hard choices as to how we spend ou0804592001574778306.jpgr time.  How will we use each of those hours?  Too many times we get caught up in believing we don’t have any choices when it comes to our days.  That’s a lie we’ve too easily believed.

Everything is a choice!  We make thousands of them every single day.  For example, you decide what time you’ll get up (you may have to be somewhere by a certain time, but you still decide if you’re actually going to be there or not), what clothes you’ll wear, what you’ll have for breakfast, which way you’ll walk to the kitchen, whether to fix your hair, brush your teeth, pack a lunch and on and on it goes.

We feel trapped when we take on too many responsibilities.  There are plenty of legitimate responsibilities – keeping a roof over your head, food and clothes are things that need to happen, but how they happen are all choices.

I believe being rushed is an epidemic in our society, especially for women.    We take on SO much, are exhausted, cranky and feel as if we have no choices.  Well, I’ll stand here screaming at the top of my head – even if no one else will listen – you do have choices!  You do not have to live that way!

How we spend our time – choices

It all starts with values.  What do you value?  Don’t just keep reading – I really want you to answer that question.  What’s most important to you?

Now, here’s where the truth will come out…what you truly value, you spend time & money on.  Take a look at your calendar; peak at your bank account.  Do those match with what you said is most important?  For example, if I say I value my family most, then am I investing more time in them than anything else?  (More than work, housecleaning, errands, etc.?)

Have your actual choices (as evidenced by your calendar & bank account), boxed you in so much that you don’t have time to live out your values? This can be hard truth to swallow.  So… now what?

Your Vibrantly Live Challenge:  As 2016 winds down, take a look at how you’re feeling.  Are you happy with the way it went or are you feeling like you missed the mark?  If so, then I encourage you to review the exercise I mentioned above and come up with a new plan for how you spend your time and make different choices in 2017.

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