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Dealing with Difficult People: To Love or Not To Love Part 2

So how do you go about dealing with 0069022001574784898.jpgdifficult people through love?  I got a glimpse of it last week at this month’s Sisters InSpirit meeting.  I had the privilege of speaking to women from all walks of life.  Here’s what I observed…

Almost all of the women were somewhat uncomfortable walking in the door wondering who they might know and struggled with which table to sit at.  As the room began to fill, other friends may have walked in and eased the discomfort.  Others, who were alone, were joined by strangers and conversations were started.  Those women who stepped outside their comfort zones and came to meet others really enjoyed themselves and learned from one another.

Here’s the lesson to learn in dealing with difficult people: 

Those ladies chose to show love – they made a choice to sit with people they didn’t know and they sacrificed their discomfort to start up a conversation with a stranger or two.  The result was they touched another person’s life and were touched in return.  Even if it was only for that hour and a half – they have no way of knowing the potential impact they made.

Dealing with difficult people don’ts:

Unfortunately, I saw the opposite as well.  I witnessed several tables of women who were very closed to strangers.  When smaller groups were asked to combine to make a full table, they preferred to stay where they were “comfortable” – with the people they already knew rather than risk combining and getting to know someone new.  This was a sad statement in my opinion.  It was a choice not to love – not to risk.  As well as a refusal to make a real change in their lives and to be willing to live out the principles we were learning about dealing with difficult people.

So I ask you today – are YOU going to make a change and choose to love others, sacrificing your time, energy or resources, or are you going to just talk about making changes?  We are called to be doers, not hearers.  Are you going to really go out and love people to SHOW that you are a disciple of Christ or are you going to just use the empty words “I’m a Christian” without action when dealing with difficult people?

What situations have you been in where you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone to show love?

We look forward to speaking with you soon!


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