Client Success Stories

Melanie from Brownsburg, IN, client of Alyssa Johnson

Before working with Alyssa, I was dealing with fears and anxiety and just wasn’t as confident as I wanted to be in my every day living. That’s changed now. I was able to make improvements in all 5 areas I set goals in. The most significant improvements I’ve made since working with Alyssa have been:

  1. I now have specific skills I use on a regular basis that allow me step forward and do things without fears and anxiety.
  2. I’m showing up more confidently both at work and at home.

If anyone questions the value of working with Alyssa, she has my contact into and I’m happy to answer your questions.

Melanie – Brownsburg, IN

Ellen from Avon, IN, client of Alyssa Johnson

Working with Alyssa has been the most worthwhile investment I have ever made. I started out being coached because I was at a point where I needed to make a major decision. Alyssa helped me to make the decision and I continued on  as I took the steps to reach my goals. Along the way, Alyssa guided me, challenged me, and encouraged me. 

I learned how to acknowledge my accomplishments, identify what stops me from taking the steps and then overcoming them by recognizing the truth from lies. Now, I am continuing to work towards my goals with confidence and determination, practicing what I learned from Alyssa whenever I revert to my old habit of thinking I am not good enough.

I feel blessed for having Alyssa as my coach. If you have any questions about working with Alyssa, I would be happy to talk to you. 

Ellen - Avon, IN

Christa from Brownsburg, IN, client of Alyssa Johnson

I feel like I’m at a good balance, with work, and family and my faith. I’m spending more time with my kids and being more active with them. I’m not second guessing myself about my decisions and constantly saying “What if?”

I’m at a really happy point. I feel good about the way things are going. I’ve had people say, “You’re so calm. There’s a peace about you. Not that you were totally frazzled before, but I can just tell you’re at a good place right now in your life.” I just say “Thanks! I feel like I am!”

I now have a close group of women in my life that I can’t wait to get together with to hear what’s going on their lives and share anything good that’s going on in my life. That’s really exciting to have that. 6 months ago I had friends, but now I have a group of CLOSE friends I would feel confident calling if I truly needed someone there. In the past I would have thought, “Oh! Who do I call?” if something were to come. 

I liked knowing every 2 weeks I’d get to check in with Alyssa. It allowed me to think about the things I wanted to go over with her, review my assignments and make sure I was doing them. It made it really easy for me to stay on track.

I’m just seeing things so differently. The combination of creating the new friendships, the coaching calls directly with Alyssa and the modules she has online have been awesome. I definitely don’t feel like the same person I was 4 months ago.

Christa - Brownsburg, IN

I’m much more intentional about my choices and working with Alyssa has helped me look at things more positively, which has allowed me to be more relaxed, happy and reach out to interact more with people.

Janet – Brownsburg, IN

Before meeting with Alyssa I really had no idea where I was going in my life I was just doing what I needed to do and try to maintain each day. I can now say I feel as if I now have a goal and a purpose to fulfill. She has taught me to narrow down what it is I want in life and put it in to perspective so that I can stay focused on those few things and feel good about myself.

One of the most important things that I learned is to believe in myself. It is the baby steps that will eventually show up as a big step taken. I am regaining my JOY in life. That has been missing for so long. Thank you Alyssa!

Vicki – Avon, IN

My work with Alyssa has helped me deal with negative thinking and anxiety during a difficult time. By learning how to alter my way of thinking, it has changed my actions and reactions to situations which is improving many of my close personal relationships.

My husband and I are communicating better, and I am disciplining my children more effectively. It has even helped me in dealing with some difficult coworkers, and my relationship with God is at a spiritual level it has never been at before. I feel like I am a better person, mom, wife, and Christian.

I haven’t had a panic attack in 8 months! This was something I have struggled with for 20 years. Alyssa has helped me deal with fear and anxiety in ways I had never tried before. I have even been able to apply what I have learned to my kids and help them with some of their struggles. It has been exciting to watch them make changes to improve their lives at such a young age, when I am just learning how to improve mine now.

I would send everyone I know and don’t know to her because I truly believe that she can teach and guide anyone to meet their full potential- growing spiritually and emotionally to be what God made them to be.

Janet – Avon, IN

Alyssa changed my life. I look at things differently now. My husband says how he can’t get over how changed I am. I’m calmer and I don’t get as upset because I think things through more.

He’s even interested in my homework assignments. He’ll sit down and go, “What is it today?” It’s brought us closer.  It’s been an overall growth experience for me personally and spiritually.

Susan – Brownsburg, IN

My life is totally different now. I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff! I know I can’t do it all and that trying to make everyone happy is impossible. I enjoy my life a whole lot more now — it’s great!

Patty – Plainfield, IN

I used to be a worry wart! Alyssa taught me how to set boundaries, not worry and stay focused in order to tackle ONE thing at a time.

I am at peace now. I’m no longer worried about situations. My faith is much greater now. I’m able to remain calm in a crisis and work through it and not let it control me.

Betty – Plainfield, IN

Alyssa was the only one who didn’t make me feel like I was stupid or doing something off the wall.

In working with her, I regained my confidence in myself , reassurance that I was on the right path, and I knew my expectations for the future were realistic.

Mandy – Avon, IN

Alyssa has a great ability to put my feelings into a concise thought instead of my jumbled ramblings!  She challenged me, but was compassionate in how she went about doing it.

Through my work with her, I ’ve become much more confident in my ability to make good choices for myself and my family and I’m much more at peace now. I’m able to trust that I’m doing enough rather than kill myself trying to control everything.

Karen – Plainfield, IN

Alyssa gives just the right amount of input—not too much or too little.  That gave me space to find clarity in some seemingly overwhelming situations I had to make decisions about (parenting and what to do about work).

Heather – Brownsburg, IN

Alyssa helped me to figure out a healthy direction with my family.  As a result of our working together I feel calmer, it boosted my self esteem and helped me recognize the things that I can’t change and stop feeling guilty about them.

Christine – Indianapolis, IN

I have more focused quiet time to work on myself & strengthen my faith because of the structure and discipline Alyssa’s program provided.

I needed help to get disciplined. I am able to stop and think through tough decisions rather than just reacting as I’d done in the past. Even my husband’s noticed and asks me about assignments I’m working on.

Marcia – Avon, IN

Alyssa provided a comfortable environment that allowed me to feel safe to do the work I needed to do.

I now have an understanding of boundaries and have continued to use them and uphold them in all my life’s relationships.

Kimberly – Avon, IN

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