Services Provided

Counseling Services

This option is for you if you need clear direction and help in problem solving how to manage the struggles you’re currently experiencing. You need a plan tailor-made for the specific personal or relational problem you need to address.

You want a safe place to process what you’re going throughskills, resources, and assignments to help you move beyond the difficult circumstances you’re experiencing. You need someone who will listen and then expertly point you in the right direction

Comprehensive Package

Includes 8 appointments– In person or via secure video - 45 minutes each with the following added benefits:

  • We will focus specifically on the goal(s) you’ve set
  • I will provide/teach you skills & tools to help you achieve those goals.
  • All materials assigned to you given in printed format, rather than electronic – no fighting with the printer, or losing emails. You’re ready to go as soon as you leave my office.
  • Complimentary book from my resource library to help you get a jump start on your treatment. No running to the bookstore or library to get a book I’ll probably recommend to you anyway, it’s in your hands immediately.
  • Notes from appointments given to you on the spot.
  • Complimentary 1x/month clinical email support.  If something happens or you have questions in between appointments you can contact me, via email, and I will walk you through that situation.

Maintenance Package

Includes 4 appointments—In person or via secure video -45 minutes each. This package is available to established clients if they desire additional appointments after completing their Comprehensive Package of services. This package includes the following benefits:

  • We will focus specifically on the goal(s) you’ve set.
  • I will provide/teach you skills & tools to help you achieve those goals.
  • All materials assigned to you, given in printed format.
  • Notes from appointments given to you on the spot.
  • 1 complimentary clinical email support given during the course of your package.

Coaching Services

Coaching services are for the woman who knows she’s ready for a change and wants someone to walk beside her, providing support and accountability. She is stuck – not broken. She knows it’s possible to make a real change if she’s just given the tools and the space to be able to develop her solutions.

My coaching services are built on the foundation of the Vibrantly Live System™. This system is developed around 4 main topic areas, all building on one another to help you break free from the stress and exhaustion you experience every day. Breaking free from that leads you into the life you were created for; one you enjoy, are fulfilled by and have meaningful relationships that enrich rather than drain.

Here are the exact steps of the Vibrantly Live System™

Step #1: Define What’s Truly Important & Why.

In order to begin cutting the chaos, it’s essential that you understand your priorities. Your current experience is that life is hectic. We need to get clear on why. All too often, we take on responsibilities without thinking through where the time and energy to do those will come from. I’ll help you get clear on what your priorities are. Then we’ll look at how close (or far away) your current life is to those priorities. Next, we’ll create systems and routinespersonalized for you, to keep those priorities in line with your desires. This removes the exhaustion, frees up some margin in your life and allows you to be more productive in every arena of your life.

Step #2: Design Your Personal Self-Care Plan.

You know the saying, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” It’s very true! You are the heart of your home. We need to find ways to begin feeding your soul. You’ve given so much of yourself to everyone else that you’re probably running on fumes at this point! Yes, you have a lot of responsibilities and you’ve managed them well. But it’s important to move past the guilt and excuses you’ve used to put off taking care of you. We’ll take a close look at all of those responsibilities as well as time wasters to find reasonable ways to take better care of you. This will positively impact your performance at work, as well as your relationships because you’ll be coming from a place of strength rather than exhaustion and depletion.

Step #3: Discover Your Distinct Purpose!

All too often, we get up and do what we’ve always done without giving it much thought. Life is busy, there are demands on our time pretty much every waking second. But what if life could be more? More fun? More fulfilling? More exciting? More… We’ll take a look at what you want more of and create ways to be able to incorporate that in your everyday life without overcomplicating an already busy schedule! How’s this done? First off, by challenging limiting beliefs about what you can and can’t do. We’ll evaluate what parts of your life are working well and why? You’ll create more effective ways to manage the everyday stressors and headaches of day to day life. Find out who you were created to be and live it! This is where you can be the strong, powerful role model you’ve always wanted to be for your children.

Step #4: Develop Meaningful Relationships.

Who are the important people in your life? Are those relationships where you want them to be? You’ll define how you want them to look and learn skills for moving in those directions. You’ll learn to effectively set boundaries and communicate your needs appropriately. You’ll discover how to be a better listener and to meet the needs of those around you the right way (which is different than what you’ve done in the past). The intimacy and fun you’ve wanted will be created and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the people in your life.

Blaze a New Path

WHO’S THIS FOR? The woman who has exhausted all the solutions she can think of. She knows she wants a partner to come beside her as she moves in a new direction for her life. She’s tired of wasting time trying to do things herself and is “all in” when it comes to achieving the results she wants. She values the very best for herself and her family.

HER MANTRA: I’m done living this way. I want more for myself and my family. I know it’s possible and I’m ready to make that a reality now.

This 4month program includes:

  • 1 hour Jump Right In Session: Private one hour session where you clearly define your unique goals and create a specific plan for achieving them during the course of your program.
  • 6 – 1 hour live coaching connections (2x/month)In person or via secure video with Alyssa asking questions, and keeping you focused on your goals. This 2x/month accountability is the heart of your program. You get this private time directly with Alyssa helping you every step of the way! She will keep you on track and make sure you don’t lose momentum throughout the entire course of your program. No more feeling stuck or out there on your own. You know your next connection is just a few days away!
  • Experiential Exercises to break through barriers in thinking and fears causing you to continue in the patterns you’re stuck in.
  • Specific Action Plans created by you and I to support the changes you wish to make moving forward. No guessing, you’ll be equipped for every step of the way.
  • Success Celebration Private one hour session toward the program’s end,celebrating successes, formalizing systems to support your success and reviewing goals for the future.

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